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Swissvax products and accessories

Swissvax, a comprehensive Swiss car care system.

The Swissvax waxes do not contain no abrasive products that damage surfaces.
So we can use them without reluctance on all varnishes, even on new or recently varnished cars.

Swissvax very easy to use and pleasantly. He do not let white residue on edges or rubber.

The formulation of Swissvax is ennobled by natural oils nuts, vanilla and passion fruit.
It is this mixture natural oil essences with Carnauba wax, purest in the world, providing an extremely high degree of gloss sunlight.

The result a mirror surface which goes far beyond what is expressed by the term “reflection”.

All of this quality products are available and on sale in our showrooms.
AUGUST PORSCHE ADDICTION uses SWISSVAX in its workshops when caring for your vehicles!