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A team of car enthusiasts, having finally realized a dream, that of sharing their passion within an appropriate place for the exchange of information and the proposal of quality vehicles, chosen for their history; as well as articles related to motorsport and the maintenance of exceptional vehicles.


We will exceed your expectations!

Welcome to the world of automotive exception.

As luxury car dealer as well as performance, We're here for you "pamper".

We pride ourselves on the quality of the Porsche vehicles we sell.

AUGUST PORSCHE ADDICTION is affiliated since 2007, “Traxio / Federauto” and guarantees ALL its vehicles 12 months.

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Why August Porsche?

Our customers are our reference. The increasing number of vehicles sold is equal to the interest shown by our customers.

Specialized in the purchase and sale of exceptional sports vehicles of all generations, we offer you a wide selection of used Porsche “AIR” and “EAU”.

The vehicles pre-selected by us go through our efficient “purchasing structure”. Our control and inspection stages are highly effective.

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